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World War 3 is available for free on PC. This is the Polish answer to Battlefield

Developers from The Farm 51 studio follow the blow and start the next stage of distribution “Polish Battlefield”. As announced, a Polish shooter World War 3 has been open beta-tests and is switching to a free model (free-to-play); from this point on, the game is on free for PC. The creators, wanting to encourage players to take part in the game, publish a bargain trailer.

World War 3 it has a long way behind it, which did not always go well with the creators. The beginnings were difficult, which naturally forced the development of appropriate updates to improve the gameplay. Now players can check in what condition it is currently in free of charge “Polish Battlefield”and even make your own contribution to the production improvement process by submitting your comments.

World War 3 is a tactical online multiplayer first person shooter set in the midst of modern global conflict. Join forces to defeat and outflank the enemy in thrilling, tactical skirmishes in real-world locations such as Warsaw, Berlin, Moscow, and more.

World War 3

If we want to start our adventure with World War 3visit the official website of the game or use the Steam platform.

David Nield, journalist of Games Markup

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